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Smoking Policy and Weapons Policy

Smoking Policy

Bicton College has a strict Smoking policy. It is prohibited to smoke anywhere in the college grounds, other than the designated areas which are clearly marked.

Smoking is banned in any part of the residences including student rooms, common rooms, stairways and corridors. There is a designated smoking shelter available for students to use. This is the only location in which you can smoke. Please see the college map for its location.

RULE: Because smoking is now banned in public places there will be a £10 fine levied on any individual found smoking or found with evidence of smoking i.e. ashtrays, cigarette stubs.

A proportion of the proceeds from any fines will be given to the Student enrichment fund for the benefit of the rest of the community. Where there is evidence of smoking i.e. ashtrays, cigarette stubs, burn marks etc in rooms and common areas, students will also be liable for any repairs to damage caused to college property.

Where possible smoking cessation will be available for anyone that requests it.

Weapons Policy

It has been identified that certain practical courses such as Arboriculture, Countryside and Horticulture may need bladed instruments for practical sessions. Students, staff or visitors wanting to use a bladed instrument for a practical session need to obtain permission from their Programme Manager and stored awat securely.

Any weapon brought for education purposes must be unloaded and locked or secured so as to render it unusable whilst on the Bicton College campus and stored in the armoury. If there are any questions, please contact the Residential Services team who will be able to help you.

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