Military and Public Services Academy (MaPS):
Academic Qualifications

Academic Qualifications

All first years will achieve the Military Skills College Certificate which is run by a team of highly experienced military and ex-military instructors. The course incorporates:

Military physical training, drill, discipline, teamwork and co-ordination, weapons training and marksmanship, communications and voice procedure training, field craft skills and tactical training, map reading and navigation by day and night, survival skills, resilience and mental toughness, interview skills, financial management, forward planning skills and First Aid training.

Level 2 NCFE Diploma (Combined Military Preparation & SRS Course)
Unit 1 - Investigate Employment in the UPS
Unit 2 – Physical Fitness
Unit 3 – Develop Team Work & Problem Solving
Unit 4 – Health & Safety
Unit 5 – Health & Hygiene
Unit 6 – Follow Uniformed Service Routine
Unit 7 – Exploring Equality & Diversity
Unit 8 – Carry Out Map Reading
Unit 11 – Explore the use of Telecommunications

Military Preparation Course
Level 3 NCFE Diploma (Military Academy)
Unit 1 - Prepare for Employment in the UPS
Unit 2 – Develop aspects of Fitness for the UPS
Unit 3 – Develop Leadership Skills
Unit 4 – Understanding Conflict Management & Personal Protection
Unit 5 – Participate in Public Service Routine
Unit 6 – Carry out Map Reading
Unit 10 – Explore the use of Telecommunications
Unit 11 – Understand planning for Emergency situations in the UPS

Public Services - Safety, Rescue and Security Course
Level 3 BTEC Diploma (SRS) - The level 3 course is equivalent to 1.5 A levels.
Unit 1 – Government Policies
Unit 2 – Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services
Unit 3 – Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services
Unit 4 – Understanding Discipline in the Public Services
Unit 6 – Fitness Testing and Training for the uniformed Public Services
Unit 8 - Understand the Impact of War, Conflict and Terrorism
Unit 17 – Police Powers in the Public Services
Unit 24 – Current and Media Affairs in the Public Services
Unit 35 – Land Navigation by Map and Compass

Level 3 Extended Diploma Year 2 (SRS)The Extended Diploma will be a leadership focussed course equivalent to 3 A-Levels.
Unit 12 – Crime and its Effects on Society
Unit 13 – Command and Control in UPS
Unit 14 – Responding to Emergency Service Incidents
Unit 15 – Planning and Management of Major Incidents
Unit 20 – Communications and Technology in UPS
Unit 24 – Current and Media Affairs in the Public Services
Unit 29 – Security Procedures in the Public Services
Unit 31 – Exercise Health, and Lifestyle
Unit 32 – Instructing Physical activity and Exercise

You will receive a detailed timetable from your course tutor in the first week of college.

Extra-Curricular Activities
The military academy courses run for 36 weeks and as with most college courses students do not attend at weekends, although some activities require students to stay overnight during the week for expeditions, trips, etc. There will also be an organised formal dinner for all students to meet and socialise with key public service employers (a £35 contribution is required towards the cost of rations and the formal dinner).

Fitness Testing
All fitness during the course is conducted by experienced ex-military instructors who have a wealth of knowledge on training techniques specific to the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines. Students will take part in a progressive fitness programme which is individually designed to push every student to new limits. Activities include:

During the course you will take part in various outdoor activities. All students must get their parent/guardian to sign (Over 18s may sign themselves), the Military Academy disclaimer form.

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